Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
— Japanese Proverb



To learn Jiu Jitsu - indeed any martial art involving throws - you must first learn how to fall down safely. Part of your first session will deal with falling skills, after which you'll learn basic movement, how to block and evade attacks, and one or two beginner Jiu Jitsu techniques. 

Arrive Early

Make sure to arrive 10 minutes early and introduce yourself to the instructor or a senior student (someone with a darker belt). Latecomers interrupt the class for everybody, so don't be late! 

Clothing and Hygiene

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing you might wear to the gym. Wear a shirt that you don't mind having stretched in case it gets tugged on. If you already own a gi for martial arts training feel free to wear it. Ensure your finger and toe nails are trimmed, and your hygiene is good as you'll be training closely with others.

Training Partners

Over the course of the session you'll have an opportunity to train with other new students as well as those with more experience than you. Listen carefully. Only attempt techniques you are taught, even if you have other experience. We want everyone to get comfortable training with each other. Our clubs accommodate students from all backgrounds, genders, shapes and sizes. You will have a chance to train with everyone to learn to apply techniques to all kinds of people.

Embrace the Challenge!

If you are uncomfortable with anything, you shouldn't feel pressured to attempt it. You can ask for guidance at any time, you can take a break at any time, but remember, you're in the dojo to challenge yourself and to learn new things. If you give it a shot you'll be surprised what you can do!