Jules Robson sensei, 4th Dan, visit

It's that time of year in New Zealand when its friendly inhabitants escape its winter to less beautiful parts of the world (which is everywhere!). You might say a New Zealander has no real concept of winter. It's 10 C in Aukland right now... which pales in comparison to our -30 C in our winter... but let's not get bogged down in details!

The point is:

Jules Robson is visiting us and it's well worth making sure you can train with him. Here's a little bit about his experiences:

After teaching in the UK (Bath & Plymouth) Jules moved to Cyprus in 1992 where he ran the Cyprus Jitsu Association for 5 years.  From 1997-2000 he lived in Japan and then, after teaching in the UK in 2001 (Cambridge University) he moved to New Zealand and took up the position of Chief Instructor for Jitsu Australasia from 2003 - 2012. In 2012 he established a dojo in Laingholm, Auckland to promote a range of Japanese Jiu Jutsu styles.

Robson sensei started studying ShorinjiKan (Gendai Goshin) Jiu Jutsu in 1987. He also trains and leads study groups in both Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin ryu (Koryu) and Kokodo (Nihon densho) Jiu Jutsu.

We are very grateful he is able to visit us on his Canadian travels to share some of his deep knowledge of budo. Here's the rest of his tour in case you're able to visit him 'on the road':

Mon 17th & 24th in Toronto - at the Ryerson University Jiu Jitsu Club
Wed 19th in Kingston
Thu 20th in Ottawa
Sat 22nd in Peterborough
Sun 23rd (tentative) Peterborough Youth

Davis Cook visits Jitsu Toronto

One of our ovrseas compatriots is the incomparable Davis Cook sensei. All the way from Pretoria, South Africa he brought us some new ideas to push our Shorinji Kan training. Davis is always thinking about how to make Shorinji Kan more practical and the realities of employing it in dangerous situations. 

Always a pleasure to learn from Cook sensei. May there be many more excuses to bring him to Toronto in the future!

Myodetox visits Ryerson Jiu Jitsu Club

Monday April 10 we had the great pleasure of hosting Dr. Kevin Marryshow of Myodetox. His mission is to empower people to future proof their bodies. 

Since Jiu Jitsu can tend to be a little hard on the body because when receiving techniques we're exploring the limits of our range of motion/posture/structure, it's particularly important we learn how to self-assess our mobility. We want to keep ourselves limber and healthy for training.

A lot of what Kevin focused on were good principles of stretching "loaded and unloaded" - he used more technical terms,  but suffice it to say we all walked away feeling more confident about taking care of ourselves, keeping an eye on that tight hip or shoulder and learning how to release something that tightens up on us.

This was all in service to keeping ourselves healthy in the long-run, so Jiu Jitsu can be a life-long pursuit part of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Pre-Grading Seminar Nov 19

Grading season is coming up and those of you preparing to be put forward to grade by your instructors will want to sharpen your skills.

Andy Dobie Sensei will be coming to Toronto to lead a seminar geared towards preparing you for the grading.

So, for techniques, etiquette, and practice, here's the sign-up info.


Pre-register here http://www.jitsucanada.com/timetable.php by THURSDAY NOV 17.


Ryerson Athletics Center (RAC) - 50 Gould Street  - STUDIO 1


1pm - 5pm (be 20 minutes early to put down the mats and change)


Did you miss the Toronto Regional?

If you did then you missed some great training!! Most of the local instructors were on the mats training some "drop-knee seoi nages", some rolling 2-on-1 training, some really crisp locking techniques topped off with some nice details for 'the ground'. And then the social at night - a great opportunity to get to know your training partners and instructors off the mats! Everyone who was there had a phenomenal time!

Sunday, at the Stu Cooke seminar, we used locking to break down uke's structure, opening up a number of technical ideas and opportunities for throws that will probably be affecting our training for months to come! Thank you again to Stu Cooke sensei for coming out to Toronto all the way from Vancouver to share his love of jiu jitsu with us!

Great Success! The Jitsu Toronto Volunteer Appreciation Party

Saturday night was a big night in Toronto: our first ever Jitsu Toronto Volunteer Appreciation Party was a huge success. This is the start of an annual tradition to thank the volunteers who make Jitsu happen in TO.

Swanky room, tunes, rooftop terrace, BBQ feast prepared by Chef Joanna, followed by delicious pumpkin ice cream cake. This year's theme was "bow ties", leaving room for so many crazier themes next year. Abigail was quietly declared winner of the bow tie contest - maxing out both official categories: "number" and "quality" of bow ties. ;) She has won free registration to the Toronto Regional Oct 22. Woot for Abi!

At the end of the day, whether a novice or instructor, we all do Jitsu because we love it. Behind the scenes all sorts of things go on you might not know about, but these people (and a few more who couldn't make it) know, so we put them in a room and said THANK YOU.

Next year we hope this party is twice as big as members step up to help out locally. Will you be at the next Jitsu Toronto Volunteer Appreciation Party?

A new Jitsu season is upon us!

Hard to believe it's already mid-August. If you're like us, you've been having a wonderful summer filled with all sorts of adventures. You might be looking forward to getting back on the mats in a more serious way when clubs get rolling again in September.

If you're feeling rusty, here are a few things you could do to get yourself ready:

  1. Yoga: the stretching is really good to increase flexibility (and to avoid injury) when you get back into training mode. It also works magic on your balance and posture.
  2. Hit the gym. Acquire a little more strength before you come back. We may practice the gentle art but doing a few squats before you come back can make a 2-hour session feel a lot shorter!
  3. Jogging: work your cardio back up. Reminds you how to keep breathing as you train!
  4. Some light ukemi: find a soft and safe patch of grass and practice your rolls. Remind yourself which shoulder is which and work your core strength a bit in preparation for training.

And here are a couple of events you might want to attend:

BOOTCAMPSeptember 9-11 there's a camping trip to shake the rust off your Jiu Jitsu by training in Shorinji Kan and also Chokushin Aikijujutsu Kai. It's always a fun-filled weekend (there is less boot and more camp), especially if you're looking to get out of the city one more time before getting back to the Fall grind.

DIRECTIONAL WORKSHOP: For Assistant Instructors and Instructors, September 17 there's a workshop aimed at giving you some new tools and focuses for the new season. It's followed by a dinner and workshop.

Check out the timetable over at jitsucanada.com for more information. 

See you on the mats!


The International is upon us!

It's been coming for three years and now the wait is over! The biggest, bestest International is taking place in just over a month at Blue Mountain resort in Collingwood. 

A couple of updates:

Check it out. See you on the mats!

Summer Updates

In Toronto, summertime means things slow down a bit. Most clubs take a hiatus while students are home for the summer. 

However's Toronto East Jiu Jitsu, our community club, is filled with enterprising people who don't know how to stop... who unfortunately train in a building that gets a little hot during the summer months. Until September, Toronto East will be rolled in with Ryerson Jiu Jitsu Club in its lovely AIR CONDITIONED facility. Training times are Mondays and Thursdays with a slightly earlier start time of 7:30 PM. 

Dave Comartin sensei and Jamesan Poothappilillai sempai will be teaching Mondays and Thursdays respectively at Ryerson.

Green and Above is running (its first session was Sunday, May 15) and for the summer will be in Jennifer Higgs sensei's capable hands. It's not too late to join if you're minimum green belt and want some Sunday night training.

Lastly, we offer our congratulations to a new nearby club on its inaugural session: Durham Community Jiu Jitsu had its first session May 9, 2016. No doubt it will be first of many for years to come!