Summer Updates

In Toronto, summertime means things slow down a bit. Most clubs take a hiatus while students are home for the summer. 

However's Toronto East Jiu Jitsu, our community club, is filled with enterprising people who don't know how to stop... who unfortunately train in a building that gets a little hot during the summer months. Until September, Toronto East will be rolled in with Ryerson Jiu Jitsu Club in its lovely AIR CONDITIONED facility. Training times are Mondays and Thursdays with a slightly earlier start time of 7:30 PM. 

Dave Comartin sensei and Jamesan Poothappilillai sempai will be teaching Mondays and Thursdays respectively at Ryerson.

Green and Above is running (its first session was Sunday, May 15) and for the summer will be in Jennifer Higgs sensei's capable hands. It's not too late to join if you're minimum green belt and want some Sunday night training.

Lastly, we offer our congratulations to a new nearby club on its inaugural session: Durham Community Jiu Jitsu had its first session May 9, 2016. No doubt it will be first of many for years to come!