Myodetox visits Ryerson Jiu Jitsu Club

Monday April 10 we had the great pleasure of hosting Dr. Kevin Marryshow of Myodetox. His mission is to empower people to future proof their bodies. 

Since Jiu Jitsu can tend to be a little hard on the body because when receiving techniques we're exploring the limits of our range of motion/posture/structure, it's particularly important we learn how to self-assess our mobility. We want to keep ourselves limber and healthy for training.

A lot of what Kevin focused on were good principles of stretching "loaded and unloaded" - he used more technical terms,  but suffice it to say we all walked away feeling more confident about taking care of ourselves, keeping an eye on that tight hip or shoulder and learning how to release something that tightens up on us.

This was all in service to keeping ourselves healthy in the long-run, so Jiu Jitsu can be a life-long pursuit part of a healthy and active lifestyle.