Jules Robson sensei, 4th Dan, visit

It's that time of year in New Zealand when its friendly inhabitants escape its winter to less beautiful parts of the world (which is everywhere!). You might say a New Zealander has no real concept of winter. It's 10 C in Aukland right now... which pales in comparison to our -30 C in our winter... but let's not get bogged down in details!

The point is:

Jules Robson is visiting us and it's well worth making sure you can train with him. Here's a little bit about his experiences:

After teaching in the UK (Bath & Plymouth) Jules moved to Cyprus in 1992 where he ran the Cyprus Jitsu Association for 5 years.  From 1997-2000 he lived in Japan and then, after teaching in the UK in 2001 (Cambridge University) he moved to New Zealand and took up the position of Chief Instructor for Jitsu Australasia from 2003 - 2012. In 2012 he established a dojo in Laingholm, Auckland to promote a range of Japanese Jiu Jutsu styles.

Robson sensei started studying ShorinjiKan (Gendai Goshin) Jiu Jutsu in 1987. He also trains and leads study groups in both Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin ryu (Koryu) and Kokodo (Nihon densho) Jiu Jutsu.

We are very grateful he is able to visit us on his Canadian travels to share some of his deep knowledge of budo. Here's the rest of his tour in case you're able to visit him 'on the road':

Mon 17th & 24th in Toronto - at the Ryerson University Jiu Jitsu Club
Wed 19th in Kingston
Thu 20th in Ottawa
Sat 22nd in Peterborough
Sun 23rd (tentative) Peterborough Youth