Nage No Kata

Nage No-Kata Course Feb 21, 2016

If there has ever been a reason to trek to Peterborough this is it! Organize your rides for a great opportunity to practice Nage No-Kata.

Nage-no-kata (set form of throws) was created by Kano Shihan (founder of judo) as a means of furthering understanding of the principles behind throwing techniques. The kata consists of fifteen throws, three from each different type of throw. In depth study of this kata dramatically improves understanding of how to set up and execute throws.
During the seminar, we will look at reiho (etiquette) & the spirit of the kata, we will cover different throw groups for the grades present, and we will look at a NNK training drill for instructors.

The seminar is open to everyone. Although not required for grading until blue belt, all will benefit – the earlier you start studying this, the better.


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