Boot Camp Fast Approaching

Boot Camp is fast approaching, May 27-29.

The Facebook Page is here.

The Jitsu Canada Timetable is here.

Don't be fooled by the name... it's not really about "booting" anything. It's about relaxing around bonfires, getting hit in the face with frisbees (or you can use your hands to catch them, suit yourself), and learning some martial arts outdoors.

In fact it might be the most poorly named event all year. Boot camp sounds like it's no fun at all but the opposite is true! We'd better talk to someone about that... 


Last we checked, Friday night was optional and you can arrive Saturday morning as well. But honestly, why not try and get up there Friday to hang out and get to know some of the people from other towns and other styles? Usually there are some Karate friends, some Aiki-Jutsu friends - there was a Capoeira session one year (the ginga is deceptively hard to pull off by the way) - everyone is friendly and there to have a nice weekend sharing martial arts.

We highly recommend you go give it a try if you like "glamping" and spending time outside.