Boot Camp Fast Approaching

Boot Camp is fast approaching, May 27-29.

The Facebook Page is here.

The Jitsu Canada Timetable is here.

Don't be fooled by the name... it's not really about "booting" anything. It's about relaxing around bonfires, getting hit in the face with frisbees (or you can use your hands to catch them, suit yourself), and learning some martial arts outdoors.

In fact it might be the most poorly named event all year. Boot camp sounds like it's no fun at all but the opposite is true! We'd better talk to someone about that... 


Last we checked, Friday night was optional and you can arrive Saturday morning as well. But honestly, why not try and get up there Friday to hang out and get to know some of the people from other towns and other styles? Usually there are some Karate friends, some Aiki-Jutsu friends - there was a Capoeira session one year (the ginga is deceptively hard to pull off by the way) - everyone is friendly and there to have a nice weekend sharing martial arts.

We highly recommend you go give it a try if you like "glamping" and spending time outside.

Your First Provincials

It used to be we novices would beg, borrow, steal rides to get to provincials. Nothing stopped us, even when we had to go from Kingston to Peterborough in under an hour because a certain someone forgot their record book and we were scared we'd upset the late Shihan Graham!

At least, that's the way we fondly remember it. After some more thorough reminiscing it appears many of us senior belts and instructors didn't actually attend until we had several years of training under our belts.

So, I asked a the lone novice from Hart House - the one who looked nervous at first but by the end of the weekend was rocking her way into a semi-final match in the ne-waza competition and had more friends than I did - if she would regale you fine, tentative people with her story. 

Here it is!

I’ve only been training in Jiu Jitsu for 8 weeks. The thought of going to Provincials terrified me. At first I didn’t even think it was something I could do. Training with so many grades and senseis so soon sounded very intimidating. However, as I talked to my fellow jitsuka at the Hart House Club they reassured me it would be an experience I would not regret.

And they were right!

In that one weekend in Kingston I learned more about Jiu Jitsu than I have in my previous 8 weeks of training. I learned something about the history, motivation and meaning behind the martial art and this made me more determined than ever to do my best during training.

Jitsu is a community, and very much like a family, looking out for one another and working hard together. I struggled at first when learning new techniques – I was exposed to so many I had never seen before – but no one hesitated to help me out and make me feel included. I was told by several people that everyone started somewhere and it is not about being good right away but learning proper technique at your own pace. I felt honoured to train with so many senseis, each of whom brought their own unique and interesting lesson.

I made so many friends. I thought that I would feel left out, not only in my lack of jitsu knowledge and skill, but also as a newcomer to the community. Yet everyone was very excited to meet and chat with me. I stayed the night with two students from the Ottawa club and we became friends instantly – they even told me to come visit them in Ottawa any time. The social night was not intimidating, even if you are a shy person like I am. Everyone was so friendly with one another and I have come home with a few inside jokes…

It was a tiring weekend, and I have a few bruises, but it was definitely worth it. I even ended up participating in the optional competition and at first I was extremely nervous. But everyone cheers you on and tries to give you advice during your bout. You get this incredible feeling when you are able to take that advice and apply your training in a match. Winning didn’t matter; everyone was just having a great time showing their Jiu Jitsu.

At the end of the weekend not only did my Jiu Jitsu improve tremendously, my motivation and confidence increased as well. I learned that often jitsu is about intent, and I’m now able to better focus on my technique and not hesitate during training. I was worried that Provincials would discourage me but the opposite happened and now I want to continue with Jiu Jitsu even more than I did before.
— Anastasia

Ontario Pre-Grading Seminar Mar 19

This Pre-Grading Seminar is an excellent opportunity to test your skills and receive feedback from members of the grading panel if you're looking to grade this semester.

Time: Sat 19th March, 1pm to 5.30pm
Location: Kawartha Martial Arts Academy, Peterborough
Cost: $40
Registration: Pay on the day but pre-register with your instructor.

Facebook Event is here.

Ask your instructor if you have any questions.

Reasons Why You Should Go the Provincial

  1. You'll learn weeks worth of Jiu Jitsu in just 2 days.
  2. You'll have fun. It's a road trip.
  3. Queen's campus is beautiful when it's not winter (it's winter all year in Kingston)
  4. Train with people from all across the province.
  5. There will be lots of other novices there.
  6. You'll make new friends (even if you're shy).
  7. Nothing wakes you up on a Saturday like a punch to the face!
  8. Chris moved away. It's safe now :)
  9. Megalos!
  10. You can study in the car, and when you get back.

See you soon, Kingston!

EDIT: Turns out Megalos is not in fact a good reason to go to Kingston.


Ontario Provincial Course March 5-6, 2016

Click through for info on the Jitsu Canada website.

Tickets available here or through your instructor.

Now, if you're on the fence about attending:  there are lots of people from all levels who attend, so don't worry that you'll be the only yellow belt of purple belt or whatever! Consider this a road trip with a Jitsu theme. It will be an awful lot of fun, you'll learn lots - it's like 3 weeks of training in 2 days - and you'll make lots of new friends on and off the mats. 

Really, consider going to this one. Kingston is fun. And heck, if you're really keen, visit the Queen's Jiu Jitsu Club for their Friday night session ahead of time!

See you on the mats!

Toronto Regional Course a big success!

This past Saturday Feb 6, 2016 we were visited by Lori O'Connell sensei of Pacific Wave Jiu Jitsu. She shared with us the intersection between Jiu Jitsu and stunt fighting. A great time was had by all, and some fun videos ensued.

A few more joined us for a tower themed "towerful" social after :). We look forward to seeing O'Connell sensei on the mats again soon.

Nage No-Kata Course Feb 21, 2016

If there has ever been a reason to trek to Peterborough this is it! Organize your rides for a great opportunity to practice Nage No-Kata.

Nage-no-kata (set form of throws) was created by Kano Shihan (founder of judo) as a means of furthering understanding of the principles behind throwing techniques. The kata consists of fifteen throws, three from each different type of throw. In depth study of this kata dramatically improves understanding of how to set up and execute throws.
During the seminar, we will look at reiho (etiquette) & the spirit of the kata, we will cover different throw groups for the grades present, and we will look at a NNK training drill for instructors.

The seminar is open to everyone. Although not required for grading until blue belt, all will benefit – the earlier you start studying this, the better.


Buy tickets here: